Eurotherm Thyristors and Solid State Relays

Analog Power Controllers Thyristors

Eurotherm’s range of power controllers offer felability and reliability for all power
control applications.

EPower | TE10 TE 200 TE 300 7100 7200 7300

Logic Power Controllers Solid State Relays

Our range of solid state relays can drive resistive heating elements from a few watts up to hundreds of kW. Models are available to take AC and DC logic
signals as well as analog inputs.

TE10 TE200 7100 7200 7300

Current Calculations

The formula below provides a simple way to calculate the thyristor current (IT) for various resistive loads. The calculated value of IT should then be multiplied by 1.2 to allow for variations in supply voltage and manufacturing tolerances of the load.