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Temperature Transmitters

RTT25 Temperature Transmitter

The RTT25 Foundation Fieldbus Temperature Transmitter is a feature rich device which takes the microprocessor-based technology to new levels. RTT25 offers high digital precision, stability and resolution to ensure accurate measurement and unsurpassed reliability and stability. The unit can be supplied in a basic configuration or in an aluminum or 316ss. Explosion proof housing with NEMA 4X/IEC IP66 rating. This unit supports field updatable firmware and can be configured locally via the LCD display or remotely over Fieldbus. RTT25 includes Fieldbus function blocks and supports all standard views, alarm messages and trends.


  • High digital precision, stability, and resolution to ensure accurate measurement and performance
  • Self-diagnostics and self-calibration True dual sensor capability for averaging, difference, redundant, or independent use
  • Multidrop Fieldbus supports point-to-point, bus, and tree topologies
  • Supports all standard views, alarm messages, and trends
  • Industrial-grade integrated circuits and sealed electronics combine to make this microprocessor-based transmitter an efficient and durable device.

RTT20 Temperature Transmitter

The RTT20 Temperature Transmitter combines superior accuracy with long term stability. Outputs include 4-20mA Analog, Foxcom and HART. The RTT20 can accommodate T/C, RTD, mV, Ohm, Dew Point and custom inputs. Mounting options include DIN and Aluminum or 316ss Explosion proof enclosures.The RTT20 can be supplied with local indication and local configuration. Thermowells and sensors are offered in a wide variety of selections. The RTT20 microprocessor based design implements automatic self-diagnostics and self-calibration features.

RTT15 Temperature Transmitter

The compact RTT15 Temperature Transmitter provides unsurpassed price/performance qualities. The microprocessor based RTT15 features superior accuracy, long term stability and self diagnostics. One unit can be configured for T/C, RTD, mV and ohm inputs and galvanic isolation has been designed for both input and output. HART version allows for average or difference measurement and Fieldbus/Profibus version provides additional redundant measurement. This compact unit supports 2-, 3-, or 4-wire RTDs. The RTT15 temperature transmitter supports HART, Foundation Fieldbus and Profibus Pa.