iPAC Solutions

Magnetic Flow Meters

Magnetic Flow Tubes 8000, 9300, 9100, 2800 and 4700 Series

Foxboro magnetic flowtubes can be used with most conductive fluids, including hard-tohandle liquids and slurries. We offer a wide variety of mounting options, line sizes, and configurations. Result: a compact pulsed dc magentic flow transmitter system that provides unequaled durability and performance with a low cost of ownership. Look also for our workhorse magnetic instrumentation with ac excitation or our FlowExpert software for easy sizing and selection.

  • Sanitary 3A tubes available with a variety of process connections
  • Tubes with inbuilt earthing rings
  • Integral or remote mounting of transmitter
  • AC and DC excitation available
  • Variety of lining and electrode materials
  • Flange or wafer mounting
  • Robust construction with high temperature and pressure specifications
  • Electrode insitue cleaning options

Magnetic Flow Transmitters IMT25 and IMT96

Foxboro flow transmitter expertise stretches from the process industry’s first magnetic flow system in 1954 to dc pulsed magnetic transmitters in 1983. Today, we are developing even better magnetic instrumentation answers for your flow future. Solves your most difficult, challenging flow problems.
Intelligent, reliable, and easy to use
Flexible configuration to fit your control scheme
Easy programming
Durable, modular construction

Our flowtubes can be used with most conductive fluids, including hard-to-handle liquids and slurries.