iPAC Solutions

Hydrostatic & Buoyancy Liquid Level Measurement Transmitters

Foxboro level transmitter products are durable, highly accurate instruments that provide premium performance. They offer outstanding value in liquid level instrumentation applications.

The Foxboro range of liquid level transmitters include remote and flange mounted hydrostatic level transmitters. Seals are available for the IA range of pressure transmitters with a variety of flange and seal sizes, wetted and flange materials, extensions and seal coatings and thicknesses.

Buoyancy type liquid level transmitters are also included in the Foxboro range of liquid level transmitters. Foxboro’s Intelligent Buoyancy transmitter products measure the change in buoyant force on a displacer suspended in a liquid.

These buoyancy transmitters are ideally suited for use with corrosive liquids, low and very high temperature liquids, with foam buildup, low or medium viscosity liquids, high static pressure and vacuum service processes, or where settling solids are likely to occur.