iPAC Solutions

Conductivity / Resistivity Sensors

871EC Family of electrodless conductivity sensors

871EC sensors are a comprehensive family of electrodeless conductivity probes suitable for the majority of conductivity and concentration measurement applications. They are available in a wide variety of materials, sizes and mounting accessories for application flexibility.

PEEK body sensors are compatible with most process streams. Foxboro offers PEEK sensors in small and large bore configurations, and in standard and high temperature versions. The large bore PEEK sensors are available in both high sensitivity and wide range configurations. Materials other than PEEK include Noryl, fluorocarbon and epoxy.

871EC sensors are insertion and immersion style probes. For insertion mounting, the probes are used with a variety of bushings, flanges and retractable assemblies. For immersion mounting, the sensors provide a threaded NPT connection on the cable end suitable for attachment to a coupling and standpipe.

All sensors contain a built-in temperature sensing device for automatic temperature compensation.

Commonly encountered fluids include caustic, ammonia, sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, brine and a host of other acids, bases and salts.

871EC sensors are compatible with 870ITEC transmitters and 875EC analyzers.

871CR Family of contacting conductivity sensors

The 871CR sensors are high performance, precision probes used for measurements ranging from ultrapure water (18+ M ohm cm) through pure water and up to water supplies with conductivity values as high as 20 mS/cm.

Two cell factors are offered, 0.1 cm-1 and 10 cm-1. The 0.1 cm-1 types are used for resistivity measurements and any conductivity measurements below 200 uS/cm. They are offered with either titanium or monel electrode materials. The 10 cm-1 types are used for higher conductivity measurements above 200 uS/cm, and employ graphite electrodes covered with a removable metal sheath.

For pure and ultrapure water measurements, the 871CR sensors provide the highest possible accuracy. Each 0.1 cm-1 sensor is individually characterized and labeled with a 0.1% accurate cell factor value. The built-in temperature sensor is a high accuracy, 3-wire, 1000 ohm platinum RTD. The threaded bushing material is plastic to resist temperature offsets caused by swings in ambient temperature.

Several mounting styles are available, including threaded bushing (3/4 inch and 1 inch NPT), Tri-clamp sanitary, universal with O-ring seal and retractable with a ball valve or gate valve assembly. The universal bore piece mounting design prevents cable wind-up during installation and removal. Several mounting accessories are also offered, including flow chambers, threaded bushings and flanges. For optimized sampling, the 871CR sensors are provided in several different insertion lengths.

The 871CR sensors are compatible with 875CR analyzers and 870ITCR transmitters.